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London, which is on the banks of River Thames has also a robust system of waterways for moving around the city supported by a well-maintained infrastructure of seaports and harbours. The various ports around the city of London are :


  • Southampton Port
  • Harwich Port
  • Portsmouth Port
  • Dover International Cruise Port
  • Tilbury International Cruise Port

Get Best Seaport Transfer Services With Local Airport Transfer (LAT) : 

Local Airport Transfer (LAT)’s Seaport transfer is a bespoke minicab service offering pick-up and drop-off facilities 24*7 to its customers, connecting them between all airports around the London city and its adjoining localities and important places around Central London with the seaports and harbours. The customer is offered a free meet and greet services on all the pickup points be it an airport or seaport. The customer just pays a fixed price any kind of transfer that is communicated to him/her at the time of booking.

Based on the different routes the services cater to the service is further categorized into two groups:


  • Airport to Seaport transfer
  • Central London to Seaport transfer 

London Seaport Transfer To And From Other Airports : 

This is a special category of seaport transfer solutions for customers looking at a hassle-free movement to and from the airport to the nearest seaport. It is one of the affordable solutions of this route compared with what is being offered by other operators. A service managed by a team of well-trained drivers and customer support personals to give each customer a seamless, personalized and affordable experience. Our team is well equipped with the right technology and always ready to go an extra step to support the customer. The different connecting routes from different airports the service is operational are :

Airport routes to Southhampton port are :


  • Heathrow to/ from Southhampton seaport transfer
  •  Southend to/from Southhampton seaport transfer.
  • London city to/from Southhampton seaport transfer.
  •  Stansted to/from Southhampton seaport transfer
  • Gatwick to/from Southhampton seaport transfer.
  •  Luton to/from Southhampton seaport transfer.
  • East Midlands to/from Southhampton seaport transfer
  • Birmingham to/from Southhampton seaport transfer.
  • Manchester to/from Southhampton seaport transfer

Airport routes to Harwich port are :


  • Heathrow to/ from Harwich seaport transfer
  • Southend to/from Harwich seaport transfer
  • London city to/from Harwich seaport transfer
  • Stansted to/from Harwich seaport transfer
  • Gatwick to/from Harwich seaport transfer
  • Luton to/from Harwich seaport transfer.
  • East Midlands to/from Harwich seaport transfer
  • Birmingham to/from Harwich seaport transfer.
  • Manchester to/from Harwich seaport transfer

Airport routes to Dover Port are :


  • Heathrow to/ from Dover seaport transfer
  • Southend to/from Dover seaport transfer
  • London city to/from Dover seaport transfer
  • Stansted to/from Dover seaport transfer
  • Gatwick to/from Hover seaport transfer
  • Luton to/from Dover seaport transfer.
  • East Midlands to/from Dover seaport transfer
  • Birmingham to/from Dover seaport transfer.
  • Manchester to/from Dover seaport transfer

Airport routes to Portsmouth port are :


  • Heathrow to/ from Portsmouth seaport transfer
  • Southend to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer
  • London city to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer
  • Stansted to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer
  • Gatwick to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer
  • Luton to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer.
  • East Midlands to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer
  • Birmingham to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer.
  • Manchester to/from Portsmouth seaport transfer

Airport routes to Tilbury port are:


  • Heathrow to/ from Tilbury seaport transfer
  • Southend to/from Tilbury seaport transfer
  • London city to/from Tilbury en seaport transfer
  • Stansted to/from Tilbury seaport transfer
  • Gatwick to/from Tilbury seaport transfer
  • Luton to/from Tilbury seaport transfer.
  • East Midlands to/from Tilbury seaport transfer
  • Birmingham to/from Tilbury seaport transfer.
  • Manchester to/from Tilbury seaport transfer 

London Seaport Transfer To And From Central London : 

As Central London is one of the busiest locations of London in terms of traffic and is also one of the important destinations in terms of heavy tourist and business interest, connecting with the nearest seaport to all important locations around Central London has always been a tough challenge. Under this category of Seaport transfer, we offer pickup and drop-offs from all important locations around the Central London area and all Seaports or harbour. The major routes the service caters to are: 

Why Book A London Seaport Transfer With?

Local Airport Transfer (LAT)’s Seaport transfer has been an operational service for the last 10 years. Our fixed price nature of service makes the service most affordable among all offers that exist in the current seaport transfer market. Another reason why most of our customers choose us because of the bespoke nature of the service which gives a user an option to select their vehicle variant for any seaport transfer services they book with us. 

Cheapest London Seaport Transfer:

The charge a customer pays for our service is also calculated based on a fixed rate per mile travelled and there is no extra fee that is charged to the customer due to traffic conditions during the period of travel. 

How To Book our Lodnon Seaport Minicab Transfer?

As 24 hr service, we make sure that the customer can book any Local Airport Transfer (LAT)’s seaport transfer service with ease from the comfort of their home or office. Any seaport transfer can be booked through multiple modes, the customer can select one based upon convenience. There are three modes of booking offered by Local Airport Transfer (LAT)’s:


  • A customer can reserve their booking by calling us on 01162898989. If the person is calling from outside the United kingdom, we recommend using the country code.
  • Can drop an email on booking@latairporttaxi.co.uk and we can assure that somebody is there to address your request
  • if you are comfortable with technology, you go to our website and reserve your booking from there.

Whatever mode of booking the customer uses we make sure the customer enjoys a seamless experience. 


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